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Weaving Wild Tales is a publishing company intended for curious kids. Our goal is to create books that make kids wonder about science, become both responsible citizens and environmentally aware. This company, established 2021, was created using the author's family names, Weaver and Wilder. The first story is a collaboration between Melissa and her cousin, Bradley, who spent childhood summers together in Florida. The first story produced by this company was inspired by Melissa's husband, Sam, who always wanted to publish a book about if Dolphins had Thumbs. All stories are about intelligent animals, and protecting them.

the Author

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Melissa Price lives in Garden Grove, CA with her husband, Sam, and two dogs, Luna and Barney. She has been a teacher for 15 years in both Special Ed., and Educational Technology. She has been working with children her entire life as a babysitter, camp counselor, teacher's aide and finally, a teacher herself. Being trapped at home, the pandemic allowed Melissa to make her passion project of writing children's stories, come to life with the help of her cousin, Thanks, Bradley!

the Illustrator

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The illustrator, Bradley Messier, lives in the Tampa Bay area of Florida with family and two pups, Jax and Harley. While digital art is his preference, he has also dabbled in Gaming and other hands on crafts. Bradley used Clip Studio on the XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro Tablet to create the artwork for "If Dolphins had Thumbs." Besides art, his interests include anime and video games. Bradley has been a freelance digital artist for 9 years and can be contacted at BradleyMessier@outlook.com for project inquiries.

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