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If Dolphins had Thumbs Book Cover

If Dolphins Had Thumbs

Take a journey through the ocean to imagine a world IF... dolphins had thumbs! What would they create? What jobs would they have? How would OUR world be a better place? What does this mean for YOU? Let’s imagine and explore… together! Includes art & educational activities.

A portion of proceeds will be donated to nonprofit wildlife/conservation groups. See donation page for more!

Sample Pages

Dolphins playing underwater
On top of and under the deep blue sea,Are mammals, are friends, are cousins of we.Beautiful, smart, and fast it is true,If dolphins had thumbs, what could they do?
Dolphins dancing
With two shiny flippers, two flukes, and a fin,Who talk in squeaks like a broken violin.At almost forty species, ranging from thirty feet to four,Let us imagine …. let us explore!
Dolphins ordering food at a restaurant
They use echolocation to find food and friends,Their squeaks bounce off things and come back in the end.Just like boomerang with sonar based sound, There’s today’s lunch - squid they have found!
Construction worker dolphins and video game playing dolphin
If dolphins had thumbs they’d use tools just like you,They could build castles and even play video games too!Their brains aren’t much different then yours or mine,And with thumbs their cities could be so divine!